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About us

Aims of the House of Hope

The House of Hope has three aims:

  1. To show children and adults who are blind or have special needs that they are loved, valued and cared for.
  2. To teach practical skills that will benefit them, their families and communities.
  3. To introduce all to Jesus as their personal Saviour and to encourage a Christian community. 

What We Do at the House of Hope

 We provide daycare and a school for children. There are no provisions made for children with special needs within the mainstream school system so these children would often otherwise be excluded. At our school they receive an education and learn essential practical skills that allow them to live more independent lives.

 There is also a boarding section where children are cared for 24/7. The children are cared for by local staff and volunteers from overseas. They visit their families for one weekend a month and during holidays.


Director, Rev. George Awad

At House of Hope we offer adults employment through our wood workshop. Several of our past employees have gone on to open successful shops of their own in the Bethlehem area. There is also a residence for blind adults and young men who have out-grown the boarding section of the children's facilities. We try to find small jobs for the young men to do either around House of Hope or on other projects in the Bethlehem area.

Our work is our ministry. We encourage all those in our care to accept Christ as their personal saviour and experience the love of God. Our aim is to cultivate a christian community where people feel loved and valued.

The work of House of Hope is dependent on volunteers and financial support from churches, organisations and individuals. We are in constant need of more help. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.


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