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Visiting the Children and Young Adults

news 003aAiman with his Dad in his homeWhilst the children and young people, who would usually stay residentially at the House of Hope, are at home for the summer break, we used the opportunity to build further bridges between us and the families by visiting them.

On 27th July, Laurence and Sharon, along with their own three children, set off from the House of Hope driven by Sami, one of the long serving houseparents of the home. The children and young adults always enjoy a visit from their Uncle Sami and any others he has brought along with him. It can also be a confusing time for the children and young adults as both of their worlds - the House of Hope and home life - collide.

Aiman was delighted to see Sami's car pull up outside of his house and was quickly whizzed off for a shower before he was allowed to come and greet his guests. He spent the entire visit whirling around the place keeping everyone happy and not quite knowing what to do with himself. It was fantastic to see him so joyful. Aiman's entire family come to meet his visitors, as did the neigbourhood, and we were suddenly surrounded by 35-40 onlookers. It was lovely being able to take some shopping for the family and to be able to show the family how much we love and respect their son. Aiman's family were surprised to hear Aiman talking in fairly fluent English - they had no idea he was so good!

We also visited Issa and met with his family. Issa was also delighted to see Uncle Sami and constantly asked when he could return to the House of Hope. Issa's family told us how helpful Issa was being at home with the daily chores, and it was lovely to be able to talk with his family about his willingness to work hard and to be helpful. We hope to visit all of the children and young adults over the next few weeks. 

news 003cIssa with Sami (houseparent) news 003bAiman's family brought out the family pet goat











news 003dThe neighbours all came out to meet Aiman's visitors

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