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Winter at House of Hope

Despite the cold, winter is always an exciting time of year at House of Hope. Just before Christmas the children had a ball at our annual Christmas Party. Family and friends gathered in the school as we all got dressed up and put on our own nativity play. We even had a visit from Santa Claus! The children and staff then went home to celebrate Christmas with their families. 


At the beginning of January snow fell over Bethlehem. The olive groves disappeared under a frosty blanket of white and people rushed outside to build snowmen and have snowball fights. The weather, however, did cause us a few problems as it caused pipes to burst flooding our children’s’ section and thus delaying their return to House of Hope. Thankfully all leakages were quickly fixed and everyone was able to return.


February brought yet more fun. The children had a big Valentine’s Day celebration. In preparation we all made heart shaped cookies covered in sprinkles and made Valentine’s cards to give to parents and siblings. Each of the teachers and other female members of staff received a rose beautifully crafted out of ruby red tissue paper while the male staff members got a card flower made by the children. Everyone then had a wonderful time participating in the hilarious ‘Teddy Bear Polka’! Most importantly the children learnt Bible verses about God’s love and the time reminded us all of our love for God and one another.


Signs of spring are beginning to appear all around us and we are looking forward to what this new season will bring and praise God for how he blessed us over the winter.


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