At House of Hope an enormous amount of our work depends on volunteers like you coming to help us year-round. Our staff, residents and children love to see volunteers arrive so they quickly become a part of our community. Volunteers can fulfill one or many roles at House of Hope such as:

  • Houseparent – A Houseparent fulfills the vital roles that a parent would for a child at home e.g. meal preparation, washing, dressing, cleaning and playing.
  • Administration – The office staff at House of Hope are always grateful for help. Volunteers can assist with many tasks such as researching new sponsors, publicity, fundraising and arranging business meetings. Volunteers who speak a language other than Arabic are extremely helpful in facilitating communication with international donors.
  • School –  Volunteers can help out in our school. 
  • Maintenance and Construction – House of Hope is always busy with maintenance and repair work. An extra pair of hands is appreciated!

We are in particular need of volunteers with skills in the areas of special needs education, nutrition, and child psychology.

Becoming a volunteer at House of Hope is a rewarding job where you share in the joy and experience firsthand the impact our workin people’s lives. Both short- and long-term placements are available for part-time and full-time opportunities. We also welcome teams! If you will come, we can find a way to plug you in to our ministry. 

If you are interested in volunteering at House of Hope please fill out this form and email it to info@hohbethlehem.org.


"It is encouraging to see the community working together to aid special needs individuals. My time at House of Hope stretched my comfort zone, but I saw God build character in myself and those around me. I am thankful to House of Hope for allowing me to spend time here. I'm even more thankful to the Lord for what He taught me while I was volunteering and serving."
"I instantly felt like a part of the family at House of Hope! The staff were warm and welcoming and always so excited to see new volunteers. I helped out in the girls’ flat. It was wonderful to get to know each of them and they all have a great sense of humor, keeping me on my toes but laughing the whole time. It wasn’t long before they were calling me ‘Auntie’ and brushing my hair."
"I volunteered part-time at House of Hope for over 2 months. It was so great. I really enjoyed my time getting to know all the children and the people who work there. Volunteering at House of Hope was such a great experience. Each child has their own quirks and personalities and getting to know each one was so precious. They also love to participate in activities and games!"
"I volunteered at House of Hope for a month. During that time, I worked as a houseparent for the boys, helping them get to up in the morning, washing and dressing, helping them ready for bed, preparing food, cleaning, going to church with them and so much more. I also helped with administrative tasks. Volunteering at House of Hope was an unforgettable experience."


The work of House of Hope is only possible through the generosity of people like you. When you give, you serve alongside us, and God will use your investment to help minister to people in the name of Jesus.

Be our guest! Stay at our guesthouse while you volunteer or explore the Holy Land. Manger Square is only a short walk or taxi ride away while and can catch the bus to Jerusalem just outside House of Hope. 

Your prayers help sustain us. When you pray for the ministry of House of Hope and those we serve, you become vitally connected to what we do! Here are some of our cureent prayer needs.